• Secure access SFTP
  • 15 GB web space
  • Maximum 10 hosted domains
  • Unlimited data transfer*
  • Unlimited mailboxes
  • Secure webmail
  • IMAPS/POP3S mail downloading
  • PHP/4 alebo PHP/5 without SafeMode
  • unlimited amount MySQL databases
  • E-mail support and phone helpdesk
10.50 €
a month


With our multi-hosting programs you can operate several domains within one account. So you will reuse webhosting multiple times while paying only once.

DNS Servers

We have a high-quality DNS servers architecture around the world. Thanks to it your site will load fast from anywhere in the world.

Unlimited E-mails

Mailboxes on our mailservers come with unlimited storage space. You will never have to delete any messages or attachments; you can keep them all.

Powerful Webserver

We use NGINX, the fastest webserver in the world. It gives us high performance and stability during daily peaks. Also your website will load fast.

Regular Backups

Every night we do complete backups of all our web-hosting servers. We also provide you with nightly consistent backups of SQL databases.

Ultimate Support

We often help customers with issues like database query optimization, script improvements, etc. We really want to see you application 100 percent working!
+421 222 111 321
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